PVF Industrial: A Trusted Supplier of Industrial Plastic Piping Solutions 

Who We Are 

Located within the bustling industrial landscapes of Tampa and Jacksonville, Florida, PVF Industrial stands as a steadfast symbol of excellence and a firm commitment to providing top-tier industrial supplies. Our journey in the industrial sector commenced in July 2019 under the visionary guidance of our esteemed leaders, Michaelle Popovec and Israel Barnes. 

With their expert direction and our unwavering dedication to quality, PVF Industrial embarked on a mission to establish itself as a prominent figure in the industrial plastic supply sector. This journey has led us to the prestigious position of being the exclusive supplier, in Florida, of EMMSA/CRESCO pipe. Furthermore, we have applied our expertise to illustrious projects including large waterparks, stadiums, municipalities, desalination plants, transportation infrastructure, and aquatics facilities.   

Where We Came From 

Journeys often encounter twists and turns, and ours was no exception. In July 2014, Barnes Industrial was acquired by Ryan Herco Flow Solutions. However, the echoes of our legacy, fueled by the loyalty of our clients and the enduring vision of the Barnes family, motivated us to resume our original path. 

In September 2019, PVF Industrial emerged anew from the industrial sector, reclaiming its role as a trusted supplier of industrial plastic piping solutions. This rebirth marked a pivotal moment, reigniting connections with clients and industry peers, fostering collaboration and innovation. 

In July 2021, PVF Industrial embarked on a significant venture by partnering with United Pipe and Supply Co., a respected family-owned business serving Illinois for 45 years. This partnership enabled us to become nationwide suppliers of industrial and residential plumbing supplies. Effective August 29, 2023, PVF Industrial and United Pipe and Supply Company have officially separated with no ongoing affiliation in ownership. 

Where We Are Going 

As we stand at the threshold of a new phase, PVF Industrial is poised to explore new opportunities within the industrial supply market. Our tagline, “The Next Generation,” reflects our commitment to transcending conventional distribution practices and embracing innovative approaches. 

Under the leadership of President Michaelle Popovec, a seasoned expert in the PVC pipe industry, and CEO Israel Barnes, a dedicated leader with extensive industry experience, PVF Industrial is prepared to pursue new goals. 

Today, PVF Industrial’s presence expands beyond the borders of Florida; it spans the expansive reaches of the southeastern United States and the sun-kissed Caribbean. Here, we foster deep relationships with businesses that improve the global infrastructure. Extending beyond that, PVF Industrial is fostering relationships nationwide. Our unwavering mission is to reliably support those who build, create, and maintain the world’s infrastructure by delivering unparalleled customer service and maintaining a large PVC inventory in Florida. 

We extend a warm invitation to join us on this journey as valued patrons. Your feedback is always welcomed, and together, we will continue to shape the future of industrial supply with professionalism, charm, and a vision for the future. In this new chapter, PVF Industrial remains steadfast in navigating the path toward unrivaled success and innovation. 

Contact us today to learn more about our products and services, and how we can help you with your industrial piping needs. 

Our Mission

To fully support businesses that build, fabricate, and repair the world’s infrastructure with the largest PVC inventory in Florida and superior customer service.

Our Core Values

Here is a list of our core values that drive our management and staff:

  • Committed to Building Strong Infrastructures
  • Superior and Reliable Customer Service
  • Experienced and Knowledgeable
  • Demonstrating Industry Passion

Give us a chance to actually experience our core values and mission in action on every level of our business by working with us.

Our Leadership

PVF Industrial has the same family-owned and operated talent as always but with even more experience. Here are our next generation core team members:

Israel Barnes is the Chief Executive Officer. Israel worked at Barnes Industrial and Ryan Herco Flow Solutions and is now the next generation of leadership at PVF Industrial. Israel received his Bachelor of Applied Science in Business Administration and Management in 1997.

Michaelle Barnes Popovec is the President and has worked in the glamorous world of PVC pipe for over 20 years in multiple capacities. Michaelle branched out for a little while as CFO of a steel company until she joined the next generation of leadership at PVF Industrial. She received her BS in Accounting in 1997.