Pipe Fittings in Florida

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Pipe fittings are connectors that unlock a world of possibilities when it comes to connecting different sections of pipe. The plumbing grade fittings are designed never to be seen, meaning they are used on pipe projects that go behind the wall or under sinks. These plumbing fittings have lots of raised text and sometimes even a barcode printed on them.

Fittings Materials

There are many kinds of fittings, from your basic tee, or straight pipe coupler, to 3-way elbows, or even 5-way connectors. Standard bend angles of fittings include 90, 45, and 22. If you need to make a joint at a different angle, consider using a flexible coupler, if water needs to flow through your project. Or use a more structural adjustable fitting that joins with a bolt, if your project needs to collapse or be set at an unusual angle.

Adapting to Multiple Sizes and Beyond

As you know, pipe is available in many different diameters. Every once in a while, you will encounter a situation where you need to connect two different sized diameter pipes. This can be done with adapting or reducing couplings or bushings. A coupling connection is made by connecting to the outside diameter of the pipe, while a bushing connection is made on the inside diameter of the pipe. The same is true for and external end-caps and internal stopplugs.

Most fittings you will find are called slip fittings. In these connections, the pipe easily inserts into the joint to be fastened together. You can also find threaded fittings. Threaded fittings are perfect for creating modular structures, or adapting to other pipe materials like steel, brass, or copper.

Your PVC Project

Your PVC project will take some planning. No matter what you are trying to build, start with a design drawing. Working with PVC fittings can be easy as long as you incorporate them into your design drawings correctly.

Calculating Distances

When determining distances and pipe length for your project, you’ll have to accommodate for the amount of space your joints and fittings will take up along the span of pipe you are creating. The two main values you’ll have to consider is the overall length and insertion depth.

The overall length is the total length of a joint along one connection axis. Insertion depth refers to the distance that the pipe will plunge back into the fitting when making your connection.

Complementary Products

We also sell complementary products to go with our pipes and valves. Those products include types of cement, primers, cleaners, brushes, applicators, and hand tools.